The Foundation for a Meaningful Life
幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA


一所学校. 一费基金.

As is true at all independent schools, tuition received from parents does not cover the full cost of educating Fay’s student body. 实际上, even families who do not receive financial aid still receive a significant tuition discount. In order to provide an excellent program that is accessible to many different families, Fay counts on revenue from non-tuition sources. Chief among these is The 费基金.
每年, 学校要求家长, 校友, 校友家长, 教职员工, 爷爷奶奶, and friends of the School for philanthropic support, 每年, 约1,000 donors collectively contribute approximately 8 percent of Fay’s annual operating budget. Over the School’s long history, voluntary contributions to The 费基金 have been the lifeblood of Fay’s constantly evolving program.
Gifts to The 费基金 support every aspect of the School’s day-to-day operations, including:

  • 吸引, 保留, and cultivating the best teachers (competitive faculty salaries, professional development)
  • Maintenance and enhancement of our campus (classrooms, 操场, 艺术设施, 运动场地, 宿舍)
  • Service learning projects and trips (Cradles to Crayons, Merrowvista, 社区收获, 纽约市, 多米尼加共和国)
  • Curricular materials and technology (microscopes, 美术用品, 铺设, Center for 创造力 and Design equipment)

The School’s budgeted goal for the 2023-24 费基金 is $1,918,071. It’s critical that we reach this goal, so we ask all members of the jdb电子夺宝 community: “Please give as generously as you can!” Every gift makes a difference, and every gift is deeply appreciated.
    • Watch: The 费基金 Impact

Every gift makes a difference, and every gift is deeply appreciated.

费基金 Giving Societies

Poteris Modo Velis Society 

道格拉斯·E. 曼的社会 

main number 508-490-8250