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Fay musicians learn by doing.

Fay's music curriculum emphasizes learning by doing. 在每个年级, music is a regular p艺术 of every student's schedule, and our hands-on program helps students to develop proficiency in reading and writing music, and comfort and experience performing in groups and ensembles. 

In our Primary and 较低的学校s, the music curriculum is based on the educational philosophy of Zoltán Kodály and also incorporates the Orff and Dalcroze methods. Children develop musical skills through activities that include singing, 运动, 音乐阅读与写作, 即兴创作, 演奏乐器.

In fifth and sixth grade, students choose to p艺术icipate in Chorale, Band, or Beginning Strings. The 较低的学校 Chorale is a treble choir that sings pieces in unison and two p艺术s. Students also practice music reading and listening skills through the use of movable do solfege and rhythm syllables. 初级乐队, students choose from flute, 双簧管, 单簧管, 中音萨克斯风, 小号, 长号, 和男中音号, while in Beginning Strings, students choose from violin or cello. 在两组中, students learn the basics of playing their instruments and play beginning-level music as an ensemble. No previous instrumental experience is necessary.
在高中, students choose a music course each year from an array of options that include Studio Recording, Bass Chorale and Treble Chorale, 钟, 字符串合奏, 管乐团, 风合奏, 和音乐探索. These courses extend the theory and performance skills developed in the 较低的学校, but students new to Fay will also find that they can succeed in a beginning-level ensemble with little or no previous musical experience.  Click here to read about our 上学校 music offerings.



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