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幼儿园 - Grade 9 in Southborough, MA

Physical Education (K - Grade 4)


Our goals for physical education in Primary and 较低的学校 are to educate each child in mind, body, and spirit and to teach lifelong appreciation for physical fitness, 健康, 和体育.

在幼儿园, students are exposed to movement activities that develop gross and fine motor skills. JDB电子官网, as well as the 小学’s bright and airy multi-purpose room, provide wonderful settings as our youngest students learn about their physical abilities and the world around them.

在一年级和二年级, activities and games are set up to expose students to physical movement, 身体探索, 合作, 心血管健康, and 体育精神 and self-esteem activities.

在三年级和四年级, students continue the developmental sequence for movement, 探索, 合作, 心血管健康 and 体育精神. Introduction to some team and individual sports occur as an introduction to the 上学校 体育运动 program. The focus in these grades is to prepare students so they can make wise, appropriate choices once they reach grade five. At grades three and four, each student is assessed and given an effort grade every two weeks. This assessment is based upon each child's daily level of effort and attentiveness.

The 5th and 6th grade athletic instructional program is a bridge from the physical education curriculum taught in kinderg艺术en through grade four to the interscholastic athletic program introduced in grade seven. We introduce students to a variety of activities, provide sport specific instruction, foster appropriate levels of competition, and provide opportunities for individuals to learn about teamwork, 体育精神, 公平竞争. The program creates a fun and challenging environment where players have the opportunity to learn and grow as athletes. 教练 use a scaffolding approach to enhance the players' development that emphasizes 技术 and skill development.

There are three primary components of the 5th/6th grade program:

  • 教学: Sport specific instruction focused on skill development, 技术, knowledge and understanding of rules, 团队的概念, 公平竞争
  • 校内的: Competition against peers to build teamwork and camaraderie within the sport setting
  • 学校间的: Appropriate levels of competition against peer schools to provide a fun and positive competitive experience